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Marcus Smart

Foundation Programs

Marcus’ Smart Centers provide admitted patients and their family members access to electronics that serve as a source of entertainment, a portal for communication and a diversion during treatment and recovery.

Children up to seven years of age have access to Leapster Hand Held Learning Systems, Leapster Tag Junior Reading Systems and Leapster Leaptops.

Both educational and entertainment opportunities are provided to older patients and their families through access to notebook computers, portable DVD players, tablet devices and other electronics.




 YounGameChangers Program provides a voice of motivation, empowerment and encouragement to inner-city young athletes to be game changers off the court or field by achieving academic excellence, developing personal skills and making positive decisions to avoid problem and high-risk behavior so that they can grow to be confident and successful role models and leaders.

In Phase I, Marcus hosts one-hour long YounGameChangers assemblies at inner-city schools and/or community centers like Cathedral High School and Boston-area Boys & Girls Clubs. Marcus will speak to these young athletes about how they have to be game changers off the court or field before they can be game changers on the court or field. Marcus will also provide the YounGameChanger with YounGameChangers SWAG as a daily reminder to make positive decisions. 



The Mission of Marcus Smart's YounGameChanger Foundation is to serve as a source of guidance, motivation, encouragement and empowerment for inner-city student-athletes to be GameChangers on and off the court or field. To create opportunities through education, sports and mentorships with a special emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) experiences. To provide inspiration and life-changing experiences to pediatric cancer patients and their families.